St Bartholomew's CE Primary

Considerate, Co-operative, Confident

RE Curriculum Page

Our School Vision: Our goal is to produce members of society who are Considerate to everyone they meet, who have a Co-operative approach to life and who are Confident in each other and in themselves to strive for the very best that they can be.

We aim to achieve this by using Christian values as our guide and helping them to grow within a caring and inclusive community

How RE fits into the vision: RE is an important part of developing our 3Cs at St. Bartholomew's. Our RE lessons allow our children to embrace the diverse global community in which they live. Through a broad range of cross-curricular opportunities, our children experience world religions and learn to live respectfully together.

Our RE Subject Leader: Hello, my name is Mrs Nuttall and I am the RE subject leader. I also help lead the GIFT team within school. I am passionate about enabling children to make meaning and sense of their lives. Through RE teaching we can inspire children to explore, develop or affirm their own faith and values and respect and understand the faith and values of others.

Our RE Curriculum: RE is central to the purpose of St. Bartholomew’s C of E Primary school because, as a church school, we see that the Christian faith informs all aspects of our life together and commits us to a search for truth. RE supports and strengthens the vision, ethos and values which are at the heart of what we aim to do in every aspect of school life. The importance placed on the development of the whole child spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and intellectually is reflected in our RE curriculum.

Our intent for RE at St. Bartholomew's is to develop children’s understanding of Christianity and other faiths and foster cultural understanding and respect for all faiths.

RE Skills: Click here to see the RE Key Skills for each year group.

RE Knowledge Organisers: Click here to see the RE Knowledge Organisers for each year group.