St Bartholomew's CE Primary

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Music Knowledge Organisers

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2  Spring1 Spring2 Summer1 Summer2
Rec Exploring the Music Area in continuous provision Exploring Sound Musical Stories

Transport Sound

Music & Movement Big Band
Yr1 All About Me: Pulse & Rhythm Animals: Classical Music, Dynamics & Tempo Under the Sea: Musical Vocabulary Fairy Tales: Timbre & Rhythmic Patterns Superheroes: Pitch & Tempo By the Sea: Vocal & Body Sounds
Yr2 Animals: West African Call & Response Traditional Stories: Orchestral Instruments Musical Me: Pulse & Rhythm Space: Dynamics, Timbre Tempo & Motifs On The Island: British Songs & Sounds Myths & Legends: Introducing Notation & Graphic Scores
Yr3 Ballads: History & Styles of Music

Mountains: Creating Compositions in Response to Animation

Performance: Recorder

Performance: Recorder

Chinese New Year: Pentatonic Melodies & Composition

India: Traditional Instruments & Improvisation

Yr4 Rainforests: Body and Tuned Percussion

Rivers: Changes in Pitch, Tempo & Dynamics

Rock 'n' Roll: History of Styles & Music

Romans: Adapting & Transposing Motifs

Performance: Brass

Performance: Brass


Ancient Egypt: Composing & Notation

Musical Theatre: History of Music & Styles

Performance: Ukulele

Performance: Ukulele

Blues: History of Music & Styles


Looping & Remixing


 Baroque: History of Music & Styles

Fingal's Cave: Dynamics, Pitch & Tempo

Performance: Ukulele

Performance: Ukulele

WW2: History of Music & Styles

Film Music: History of Music & Styles