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Year 1 - Working At Home

From 15th June 2020

Your child will be set weekly activities for English, Maths, Topic and also we will give you other ideas you can do at home. These will be either online activities or refer to work in the packs sent home. We will update the year 1 class page weekly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

You can contact us at:

Please bear in mind that there will be times when these links / sites are not working due to the high demand from all school children and teachers. Don't worry just complete the activities when you can.

Please keep sending us emails and photographs of what you are doing at home,and at the end of the week we will upload them for everyone to see the following week. We love to see them!

Thank you all the parents that have emailed to let us know if your child is returning to school next week,

as part of the phased return.

Remember Year 1 start on Monday 22nd June 9am till 3pm. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Challenge of the Day


Well done everyone who completed last weeks challenges

Check back tomorrow to see your new challenge. Have fun!

 Activities at Home

We hope you all safe and well. If you do any interesting things or activities at home we would love to see them and share them on our web page for your friends to see. Send us your photographs and written permission to use them, and we will up load them at the end of the week.

Use the year 1 email address.

Check out our activities that have been emailed in!

 Speedsounds Chart.pdfDownload
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Phonics & Grammar Activities

  • Spend 5-10 mins practising your sounds from your sound card sent home (on the yellow card) or see speedsounds chart above.                                                          
  • Play some of the English games on BBC bitesize, there are lots of games you can complete and daily lessons. 
  • Play some of the games on phonics play website - choose practise all sounds or phase 5 games.

Writing Activities

Mr Men books

  • Which are your favourite Mr Men books. Write a book review for your favourite, you can use the book review sheet in the resources below to help you.
  • Write a character description for one of the Mr Men characters, use the sheet below to help you.
 Book review.pdfDownload
 character description.pdfDownload
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Reading Activities

 There are lots of different ebooks the children can read on Oxford Owls website. They are reading books we use in school and they have activities the children can do after. Please aim for your child to read 1 or 2 books a week.  

You will need to register ( it is free) so you can access the books. Please access the books for children aged 5-6 as these are what they are reading in class.

There are lots of Mr Men books on you tube that children can listen to and read. Here is a link to the book Mr Happy

Parents information sheets

If your unsure how to teach phonics or reading this article gives you useful information and advice.

Fun activities to try

Keep checking the list as we will add more things as we find them.

Maths Activities

This weeks focus: Subtraction

Fun activity: Learn the songs for the x2, x5, x10 timetables on Education city, homework.

Over this week please complete these tasks

Have a go at completing some of these activities and challenges.

 colour by subtraction.pdfDownload
 minibeast subtraction.pdfDownload
 Numicon subtraction.pdfDownload
 subtraction challenge cards.pdfDownload
 subtraction using a numberline.pdfDownload
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Science - Robots

Comparing myself to a robot

Why do you look different from me? Draw an outline drawing of a robot. Annotate the robot outline with labels of the different body parts. Write your own labels first and then ask an adult to model some other words which you can add in another colour. Compare the drawing to your human drawing from last week. Which labels are on both pictures (similarities) and which are only on one (differences)? 


Write a list of things which you think make a human.


What if humans had two heads or ten legs? What if we had no ears, eyes, hands, no head, etc? Look at which features can we manage without and which are essential? You could put names of different body parts on separate pieces of paper and sort them into which are the most important features (those that we would struggle to live without) and least important (those that we could manage without if we didn’t have them or, for example, we injured that body part). 


Design your own robot 

Design a robot. Draw it on paper and label the parts. Then, using junk/recyclable materials make your own robot. After you have made your robot evaluate it, saying what went well with your model and how you could improve your design.


Rosa Parks

Using the link below watch the videos about Rosa Parks and complete the activities. 


Send any photographs to and we will put them on the website for everyone to see.



Our bean plant gallery

Keep sending in your photographs and we will keep updating the progress of your plants.