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Year 1 - Working At Home

From 11th May 2020

Your child will be set weekly activities for English, Maths, Topic and also we will give you other ideas you can do at home. These will be either online activities or refer to work in the packs sent home. We will update the year 1 class page weekly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

You can contact us at:

Reminder new summer pack of work is available at school, they are ready for collection!

Please bear in mind that there will be times when these links / sites are not working due to the high demand from all school children and teachers. Don't worry just complete the activities when you can.

Please keep sending us emails and photographs of what you are doing at home,and at the end of the week we will upload them for everyone to see the following week. We love to see them!

Challenge of the Day

How many different ways can you make the number 10?



Check back next week for your next challenge. Have fun!

 Activities at Home

We hope you all safe and well. If you do any interesting things or activities at home we would love to see them and share them on our web page for your friends to see. Send us your photographs and written permission to use them, and we will up load them at the end of the week.

Use the year 1 email address.

Check out our activities that have been emailed in!

 Speedsounds Chart.pdfDownload
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Phonics & Grammar Activities

  • Spend 5-10 mins practising your sounds from your sound card sent home (on the yellow card) or see speedsounds chart above.                                                          
  • Play some of the English games on BBC bitesize, there are lots of games you can complete and daily lessons.
  • Carry on making up new names for different Aliens. Draw your own Alien or use the sheet below.
 name the alien.pdfDownload
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Writing Activities

To be done week Beginning 4th May & 11th May

  • How many sentences can you write using the list of common exception words? (see resource link at the bottom of the reading activities)                       
  • Watch and listen to the story - The Scarecrows Wedding  by Julia Donaldson. This is the story we would of been reading in class this week. 
  • Can you write your own scarecrow story on Purple Mash or on paper.        
  • Draw a picture of one of the scenes from the story. Write what each scarecrow might say to each other. Can you use speech bubbles?
  • Make a list of things you might get the scarecrows to look for, can you think of anything different to the story?            
  • Make your own scarecrow for your garden.

Reading Activities

 There are lots of different ebooks the children can read on Oxford Owls website. They are reading books we use in school and they have activities the children can do after. Please aim for your child to read 1 or 2 books a week.  

You will need to register ( it is free) so you can access the books. Please access the books for children aged 5-6 as these are what they are reading in class.

 Have a go at writing a book review for one of the books you have a read. 

Think about: Write / draw your responses

  • What was the title?
  • Draw a picture about the story.
  • Write a sentence to describe the story
  • What was the best part of the story?
  • Who were the characters in the story?

  • Practice reading the common exception words in the resources box below, Can you use them in a sentence?

Parents information sheets

If your unsure how to teach phonics or reading this article gives you useful information and advice.

 Common Exception Words year 1.pdfDownload
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Fun activities to try

Keep checking the list as we will add more things as we find them.



Maths Activities

This weeks focus: Fractions 

(to be done over 2 weeks)

Fun activity: Learn the songs for the x2, x5, x10 timetables on Education city, homework.

Over this week please complete these tasks

  • See how many food items you can split into halves and quarters.
  • Using playdough see how many shapes you can halve equally and cut into quarters.
  • Can you use different objects and split into groups halve snad quarters, try using buttons, cars, marbles, pasta shells etc
  • Watch the halves and quarters powerpoint on Twinkl  or use resource below. 
  • Complete the homework Fraction activities on Education city. 
  • Complete the activity sheets below 

Remember you can use objects to help you or draw dots or objects like we would do at school

 colour the fraction.pdfDownload
 Fractions Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 fractions warmup powerpoint.pptxDownload
 halves and quarters powerpoint.pptDownload
 warm up powerpoint.pptDownload
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The Great Outdoors

Topic activities - 2 week Project

To explore what happens when different materials get wet.

Make a house for one of your toys / or teddy that you can keep outside. It rains a lot in Whitworth so you need to think about which materials will keep it dry.

Try these different activities to find out the best material. 


  • Watch the video clip on What materials are waterproof?
  • Design your house on paper - label the materials you will use.
  • Make your house with the materials you have chosen - Take a photograph
  • Leave your house out in the rain and then see if it kept dry inside.
  • Write an evaluation - Did it work? Why did it keep your toy dry? Why didn't it keep your toy dry?



Send any photographs to and we will put them on the website for everyone to see.

Topic books - see if you can find any other books about materials and their properties.

Bin Gobblins


Our bean plant gallery

Keep sending in your photographs and we will keep updating the progress of your plants.