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Year 1 working at home - SPRING TERM

March 2020

Your child will be set weekly activities for English, Maths, Topic and also we will give you other ideas you can do at home. These will be either online activities or refer to work in the packs sent home. We will update this on the year 1 class page weekly. Please keep checking as we will update this page as much as we can. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

You can contact us at:

Please bear in mind that there will be times when these links / sites are not working due to the high demand from all school children and teachers. Don't worry just complete the activities when you can.

Please keep sending us emails and photographs of what you are doing at home, we love to see them!

Easter Holidays 2020

Easter Challenge

As its the Easter holidays, if you do any interesting activities and make anything over the holidays send us a photograph. 

Have a go at home, making your own Easter egg, Easter hat / bonnet or Easter basket in any creative way you can think of. Take a photograph of your creation and send it to the email address below, and we will put them on the year 1 page for everyone to see.

Have Fun!

Use the year 1 email address.

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Phonics & Grammar Activities

  • Spend 5 -10 mins practising your sounds from your sound card sent home ( on the yellow card) or see Speedsounds chart above.
  • Practise reading real and nonsense words

  Phase 5,  revise all sounds.

RWInc Groups

Before clicking on the links below, log on to the Oxford owls website and register for free and ask the device to remember the password, as this makes accessing the books easier. 

   Please read the book for your group and answer the questions. 

  • Group - Mrs Anchor

  • Group - Mrs Blears

  • Group - Mrs Lee

  • Group - Mrs Wadsworth

   If your child can't remember what group they are in drop us an email so we can help.

Oxford Owls is free to join and has hundreds of book and activities to use. 

Writing Activities

  • Complete the writing activities on Education city - Writing homework.  


  • Now see if you can write your own pirate story. Don't forget you can use pictures, and retell your story to your family.   You can do it on paper or I have set up a 2Do on Purple Mash. 

Reading Activities

 There are lots of different ebooks the children can read on Oxford Owls website. They are reading books we use in school and they have activities the children can do after. Please aim for your child to read 1 or 2 books a week.  

You will need to register ( it is free) so you can access the books. Please access the books for children aged 5-6 as these are what they are reading in class.

Fun activities to try

Keep checking the list as we will add more things as we find them.


Maths Activity

Can you remember how to sing the 2 timetables song, here is a link so you can sing along.

Please complete the doubling and halving work, and counting in 2's work set on Education City.

(click on the homework tab)


Please complete the Bond Bubbles 2Do on Purple Mash.


 Log in details are in the back of the childrens homework books or reading records.


Topic Activity

Task 1:

Our topic this half term in RE is why Easter matters to Christians. At Easter, Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus in many ways. One way is decorating eggs. For Christians the custom of giving eggs at Easter celebrates new life. Christians remember that Jesus, after dying on the cross, rose from the dead. The first eggs given at Easter were birds eggs. These eggs were painted in bright colours to give them further meaning as a gift.
This week we would like you to have a go at decorating an egg. It can be a real egg or a picture of an egg. Please send pictures of your decorated eggs for us to display on this page.


Task 2

Please complete the set task on PurpleMash. The task is to write about Spring using the picture bank and word bank provided on the task. Once you have completed it please hand it in to be marked. You can hand your work in on PurpleMash when you have finished it.



Task 3:

We would love to know how your bean plants are growing. Measure your bean plant and let us know how tall they are getting by emailing us. We will post each week to say who has got the tallest plant. Feel free to send us pictures too!




Our bean plant gallery