St Bartholomew's CE Primary

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Year 6 - Working At Home

From 15th June 2020

Friday 19th June - Complete anything from the weekly grid that you have not finished

See most of you on Monday! :)

Today's challenge: Thursday 18th June

Well done to Cate, Zsofi, Tilly & Eshan. 

  Send your answers to and check in tomorrow to see who was correct and for the next challenge!

Weekly Resources

 Measure Island Length.pdfDownload
 ANSWERS Measure Island Length.pdfDownload
 The Long Climb Length.pdfDownload
 ANSWERS The Long Climb Length.pdfDownload
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 Alongside the English that is set on the weekly grid, there are lots of online activities that children can access too. 

These include:

Education city

Purple Mash

Spelling Shed 

World books

Primary Homework Help


BBC Bitesize

Education Quizzes



Geography resources

 Activity Sheet How Beaches Form.pdfDownload
 Changing Coastlines Reference Photos.pdfDownload
 Digimaps coastal erosion.pdfDownload
 Reflecting on Coastal Changes.pdfDownload
 top tourism trail.pdfDownload
 up north.pdfDownload
 Weathering and Erosion Investigation sheet.pdfDownload
 Weathering and Erosion Task Cards.pdfDownload
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Weathering and Erosion

Explore the following videos and links to find out more about these terms: 

Complete the weathering and erosion investigation - all resources saved under geography resources. You will need: Weathering and erosion task cards, weathering photo pack and the weathering and erosion investigation sheet. 

You can also complete the Digimaps coastal erosion task - see geography resources for task booklet. You will need to email for the school username and password. 


Coastal Features

Find out how beaches are formed. Some useful links are:

Create a comic strip/storyboard to illustrate the process. You may find the activity sheet, 'How beaches form', saved in geography resources, quite useful.


Coastal Changes View the video to see how coastlines are ever changing. 

Explore the changing coastlines photograph pack saved in geography resources. What features can you see? How do you think the coastline used to look? How might it change in the future? Watch the video to see the effects of coastal change in Holderness, UK. 

Complete the 'reflecting on coastal change' task saved in geography resources. 


Purple Mash

You will need to have completed at least two of the above tasks before you can attempt this task.

Access Purple Mash, use the search tool to search for 'coastal erosion', complete the postcard or leaflet activity. 


Digimaps for schools

You will need to email for the school username and password.

See geography resources for different activities you can complete on Digimaps:

  • coastal mysteries 
  • top tourism trail 
  • locality detectives
  • up north 

Free Subscriptions

During this difficult time, several online educational services are offering free subscriptions for parents who find themselves with children learning from home. 

Adventure Academy

Classroom secrets

Khan Academy

Kids discover online

Minecraft education edition

Mystery science

Prodigy Maths



White Rose Maths

Master the curriculum

Mrs Mactivity

The British Sign Language course is currently free for under 18s 


Alongside the Maths that is set on the weekly grid, there are lots of online activities that children can access too. 

These include:

Education city

Purple Mash

Times Table Rockstars

Maths Shed



Natwest Money Sense 

Daily 10 

My mini maths 

Maths Playground 

Maths Zone 

Primary Homework Help 


Music - Updated for Summer

The children can access online music lessons using Charanga: 

See yellow log in sheet for details


NEW RESOURCES - April 2020

Lancashire PE

The resource is centered around 4 key themes:
Move, Learn, Challenge & Play.
The links are as follows.
Any videos/photos that are posted on social media  will go into a weekly prize draw. 
Please use the #LancsGames20 and share on the following channels


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize are now providing daily Maths, English, Science and various foundation subject lessons each day! These are targeted at individual year groups and follow the curriculum that we teach in school. Check them out at


The Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy has set up an online learning classroom at 

By selecting 'subject', you will be able to filter lessons for specific year groups including a range of Maths, English and foundation subjects lessons.

Key Life Skills

By the time you leave primary school can you do the following things?

  • Cook and follow simple recipes
  • Care for and look after animals/pets 
  • Tell the time 
  • Play a musical instrument 
  • Tie your shoelaces 
  • Use everyday appliances e.g. washing machine, hoover, dish washer 
  • Know some simple words/phrases in another language 
  • Know some sign language - 
  • Know what to do in an emergency inside or outside your home
  • Know your full address and emergency contact details 
  • Be understanding and considerate of different cultures in our society 
  • Know how to carry out some simple first aid 
  • Be able to swim a length of the swimming pool and have a good understanding of water safety 
  • Cross the road safely 
  • Develop your sewing skills - can you fix a broken button/zip or tear? 
  • Know how to write a correctly addressed letter and envelope and how to use a stamp 
  • Change a light bulb 
  • Read a map and perhaps use a compass. Could you navigate a simple journey or walk? 
  • Learn about the use of bank accounts and managing money 
  • Be responsible for your own personal hygiene 
  • Be environmentally friendly e.g. recycling, saving energy etc 
  • Carry out simple household chores 
  • Ride a bike 
  • Change and make your own bed