St Bartholomew's CE Primary

Considerate, Co-operative, Confident

Reception Class - Spring Term Work

March 2020

All the children have a pack of work to complete during the school closure.  There are a variety of activities including literacy, maths and topic based tasks to complete.  The children do not have to complete the activities in any particular order.

The pack also includes a laminated sheet with online learning information.  Your child can log onto online activities on

'Purple Mash', 'Education City' and a music resource called 'Charanga'.  Linked activities for your child to complete will appear when you log on next week. 

See grid below. 

Phonics Activity

Practise reading real and nonsense words

Phase 2,  revise all sounds.


Games to play

1) Take it in turns to give instructions. 

For example, 'Touch your f-ee-t' or 'Stand u-p'.

2) Play a listening and drawing game.  Take it in turns to sound out a word and then the other person has to draw the item!  Try the words: hat, sun, ten, pan and box. 


Reading Activity

  Can you look in a book and find any of these 'tricky words'?  Which words did you spot the most?

the   to   I   go   no

Maths Activity

Write out the numbers 0-10 or 0-20 on some paper or card, cut them up and then ask a grown-up to mix the numbers up - don't peek!  Then, see how quickly you can put them into the correct order.  You could ask someone to time you and then see if you can get faster when you try again.  


Have a look at the maths resources on 'Education City'.


Topic Activity


During spring lots of animals have their babies.  Find out the names of these baby animals: duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse.

Have a go at at playing the 'happy families' game in the pack sent home.