St Bartholomew's CE Primary

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Reception working at home - SPRING TERM - week 1

March 2020

Below are lots of activities linked to different areas of the curriculum.  Do not worry if you do not complete all the activities.  Please remember you can email any pictures, including anything extra that you've done at home that isn't from the grid.    

  If you have any questions or problems, please email: 


Home learning week commencing 30.3.20







air sound (worksheet in the pack)

Play Obb and Bob

(phase 3) Select air to sort the real/nonsense words.  Write 5 air words and add the sound buttons. 


ir sound (worksheet in the pack)

Write following words and add the sound buttons.

girl, twirl, bird, shirt, whirl, third, squirt.

Choose an ir word and put it into a sentence.  Write the sentence down.  Remember a capital letter and full stop.

ou sound (worksheet in the pack)

Play Obb and Bob

(phase 5) Select air to sort the real/nonsense words.  Write 5 ou words and add the sound buttons. 


oy sound (worksheet in the pack)

Write the following words and sort them in to real and nonsense words.

floy, boy, annoy, poy, noy, enjoy, gloy, joy, croy


Practice reading and writing the tricky words I, no, go, to and the.

Play Tricky Word Trucks

(phase 2)

Literacy ‘The Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson

Read or listen to the story ‘The Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson.  (This is on You Tube)

Talk about what happens in the story.  Can you retell the story in your own words?  

Look at the rhyming patterns in the story.  Can you make up your own rhyming couplets?  Complete the rhyming words activity in your pack.

Look at the words that the monkey uses to describe each animal. Can you think of any more?  Can you use your phonic knowledge to have a go a writing some of the words.

Choose one of the animals from the story.  Then, make up some clues for a grown up to help them identify the animal that you are thinking of.

Can you make up another story about an animal that loses its mum and another animal helps it?

Maths Time Measures (weight)


What can you do in 1 minute? How many times can you write your name in 1 minute?

How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?

What other things could you do more than once in 1 minute?


Look at the features of a clock.  Learn how to tell the time to the hour.  


Play the game, What time is it Mr Wolf?’


Can you find things that are heavy and light in your house?  Use a coat hanger to make your own balance scales.  Google 'coat hanger balance scale' for ideas.  


Choose something to bake together.  Look carefully at the scales when measuring the ingredients. 



Look at the expression of the monkey throughout the story.  How is he feeling?  Have you ever been lost?  What should you do if you ever find yourself separated from your family?

The World

Find out 5 facts  about real monkeys.


Use the paint programme on purple mash to make your own symmetrical butterfly.

Physical Activity

Go on cosmic kids and choose a yoga session.  Join in with the actions.  See how people in your house you can get to join in with you. 


The World

Look at the websites of local zoos.  Do they look after any of the animals in the story?  Have a look at the live cams at Edinburgh Zoo to find out what their animals are doing right now!

On going activities

Home reading

Please read every day with your child.  This maybe their home reading book, their favourite story or a bed time story.  The importance of reading is crucial for children and they are used to hearing stories every day at school.


By the end of reception children should be able to form all letters correctly.  Please practice letter formation at least 3 times a week. 






Phonics Activity

Practise reading real and nonsense words

Phase 2,  revise all sounds.


Games to play

1) Take it in turns to give instructions. 

For example, 'Touch your f-ee-t' or 'Stand u-p'.

2) Play a listening and drawing game.  Take it in turns to sound out a word and then the other person has to draw the item!  Try the words: hat, sun, ten, pan and box. 


Reading Activity

  Can you look in a book and find any of these 'tricky words'?  Which words did you spot the most?

the   to   I   go   no

Maths Activity

Write out the numbers 0-10 or 0-20 on some paper or card, cut them up and then ask a grown-up to mix the numbers up - don't peek!  Then, see how quickly you can put them into the correct order.  You could ask someone to time you and then see if you can get faster when you try again.  


Have a look at the maths resources on 'Education City'.


Topic Activity


During spring lots of animals have their babies.  Find out the names of these baby animals: duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse.

Have a go at at playing the 'happy families' game in the pack sent home.