St Bartholomew's CE Primary

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Spring TERM 2021 - Year 1

Week 8


Daily Challenge



Complete the book scavenger hunt in your pack?

Which books can you find?


Reading books - check on Microsoft stream for the different reading books.



Welcome to the Year 1 Spring Term home working web page.

If you need any help please email us on

On this page you will find the weekly timetable of activities, please use these times as a guide as we understand you may not be able to complete the lessons and activities at these times.

You will also find lots of ideas to support your childs learning at home

and also for times when you are not able to work with them. 


At times these links / sites will be slow or not working due to the high demand from all school children and teachers. 

Stream Videos -Please note changes to group names

To access the Microsoft Stream videos set on the timetable, log on to stream using your childs email address and click on the video group, 

Team 1- Home learning  Year 1 am for maths and English


Team Year 1 for the afternoon sessions.

Once you are in the right group you need to select the videos tab to show all the videos in that group, then you be able to click on the relevant video for that days lesson.

Please DOWNLOAD the timetable below to make the LINKS work 

These times are just a guide for you to follow, some lessons on the timetable will be explained in more detail in the section underneath the timetable. 

Check the resources section and your pack for the activities.

Movement breaks  

Don't forget to give yourself breaks during the day, exercise is important for our Brains to grow and for our mental health. Check out the section in the home learning links for ideas to get you moving.

Wednesday 3rd March - you will find 3 simple craft activities linked with the story of Palm Sunday in the resources section below.  

Thursday 4th March WORLD BOOK DAY - here is the link to the origami book we are doing in class as mentioned in the Stream video 


 Where Does Money Come From_ Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Hand Palm Leaf.pdfDownload
 Palm Cross.pdfDownload
 Palm Tree.pdfDownload
 set 2 sounds ppt 2.pptDownload
 set 1 sounds ppt 1.pptDownload
 set 3 sounds ppt 3.pptDownload
 Speedsounds Chart.pdfDownload
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There are reading books on the Stream site for you to play and pause so your child can read the pages, or you can read the ebooks online on the Oxford Owls site.

There are lot of books on Oxford Owls eBook library for you to read.

(Remember you need to subscribe but it is free to use.)


These are the same reading books we use in school. Pick the level your child is on. If your are unsure what level to choose email us and we let you know which one to pick. 


Use this link: 


Let us know which book you read and if you have enjoyed it. Send us a picture of you reading. 

We are reading too!

Mrs Anchor is reading Horrid Henrys sports week and Mrs Nuttall is reading Dirty Bertie Pirates this week. 


Story sessions 

Mermaid Tales by National Marine Aquarium  -  Fridays at 1:30pm

CBeebies Bedtime stories - 



Home learning tools ( if you would like to do extra practise at home)

Here are some sites you might find useful:


Get moving - Movement breaks 

PE with Joe Wicks - 

Kids Yoga - 

 21 minute challenge -


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize are now providing daily Maths, English, Science and various foundation subject lessons each day! These are targeted at individual year groups and follow the curriculum that we teach in school. Check them out at


The Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy has set up an online learning classroom at 

By selecting 'subject', you will be able to filter lessons for specific year groups including a range of Maths, English and foundation subjects lessons.



Children continue to have access to their own accounts on several learning platforms, these include:

Education city

Purple Mash


Other useful English resources include:

World books

Primary Homework Help 

BBC Bitesize 

Oxford Owls

Phonics play 



Children continue to have access to their own accounts on several learning platforms, these include:

Education city

Purple Mash


Other useful Maths resources include:


Daily 10 

My mini maths 

Maths Playground 

Maths Zone 

Primary Homework Help