St Bartholomew's CE Primary

Considerate, Co-operative, Confident


Week 4


Hello once again Reception!  I hope you’re all well and you are all still smiling.  I’m really missing your smiley faces!  Below is another timetable of activities for you to complete throughout the week.  Please send in any photographs and I will put them on the website for everyone to see.  If you have time  have a look at this website  There are some great activities that you can complete in short sessions.  Have a go!

Please have a go at the 'What am I?' challenge on this page.  You can email your answers.  There will be a new challenge every day. 

  If you have any questions or problems, please email:

Take care

Mrs Connor 


Phonics 28.1.21

Phonics Play game 'ar' sound.

Phonics 26.1.21 Which 'oo'?

Write the following words and decide if the 'oo' is 'Poo at the Zoo' or 'Look at a Book'.

took     shook   zoo    pool    spoon    look    book     moon    food    cook     foot

Photo gallery 

Week beginning 18.1.21

Something to talk about!


What am I?

I have four legs.

I look like a horse.

I have black and white stripes.    

Quote of the day


Reading is to the mind what

exercise is to the body.   


Photo gallery 

week beginning 11.1.21

Useful Websites


 Some useful websites for you to look at. 


Get Active!


Young people should be active for 60 minutes per day, so if possible find a safe place to get outside (even in the garden!) and play!  There are also some great online sites that encourage active learning to music.  In school we use;