St Bartholomew's CE Primary

Considerate, Co-operative, Confident

Year 2 - 2021

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Welcome to the Year 2 home working web page.

If you need any help please email us on

On this page you will find the weekly timetable of activities, please use these times as a guide as we understand you may not be able to complete the lessons and activities at these times.

You will also find lots of ideas to support your child's learning at home

and also for times when you are not able to work with them. 


At times these links / sites will be slow or not working due to the high demand from all school children and teachers. 

Stream Videos:

To access the Microsoft Stream videos set on the timetable, log on to stream using your child's email address and click on the video, 

Please DOWNLOAD the timetable below to make the LINKS work 

These times are just a guide for you to follow, some lessons on the timetable will be explained in more detail in the section underneath the timetable. 

Check the resources section and your pack for the activities.

Movement breaks  

Don't forget to give yourself breaks during the day, exercise is important for our Brains to grow and for our mental health. Check out the section in the home learning links for ideas to get you moving.